There exists a non-trivially common failure of aptitude in individuals’ capacity to distinguish between the truth of the (factual) existence of an assertion or statement and the actual, plausible or probable truth of that statement. Where an information economy exists in which monetary value is extracted from harnessing both the cultural weight of unrepentant falsehoods and the turbulence or dissonance generated by the distance and difference between those falsehoods any any actual, verifiable truth – education and public policy will always be challenged to find effective counter-measures.

Finding ways to generate profit or other cultural value from facts and verifiable assertions may be one way to create a self-generating, autonomous system of fact-appraisal. A little like creating a cost to the generation of carbon pollution, a tax or notionally remunerative penalty on willfully propagating media/communications falsehoods is one approach but the affective negative impression is likely fatal in this context. Seeking ways to generate and cultivate value and/or profit from verifiable truth seems to me a more sensible approach.

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