A Royal Wedding is in essence an exhibition, spectacle and behavioural template and archetype of normative monogamy and fairytale romance; the (pre-)fabrication and cultural self-replication of a particular kind of order and rules-set of social (and gender) relations. Observation and a simple fact of participatory existence in this human world suggest to me that an entire life of stolen glances and daydream fantasy is much more the norm than it is any kind of statistically errant or uncommon occurence; we all merely (and in abject obedience to social Order) veil our desires with varying degree and effectiveness. We are perhaps biologically programmed in ways other than those behaviours and methods of adoptive and culturally-cultivated ethical self-surveillance would optimally suggest.

Amor vincit Omnia ? Perhaps; but love (in all of its literary, cultural and interpersonal instantiations) is an emergent contextual theorem of that deeper drive and fundamental axiom towards unity, procreation and species self-propagation that as incorporate creatures we translate as desire.

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