That which we love, kills us.

That which we love, kills us. This thread of life and passing narrative or musical improvisation that we all embody - it is a self-propagating pattern of information and energy. We find ourselves serendipitously located at a point of resonance or systemic sweet spot of scale and complexity at which sentience and intelligence has invoked…


The logical necessity of recursively enigmatic self-propagation remains mysterious and somehow also essential for life and sentience.

Desire and Fear

We are bound by fear to our Objects and fantasies of Other and Self as much as by desire and there is a complex logical undercurrent and rationale to the ways that we (enigmatically) encrypt aversion into attraction and revulsion or death into fertility and life.

Unattainable You

You can not be whole for the same reason you can not control the world - there is at base no controller, knower or self and this is the greatest unacknowledged enigma of our world.

Hollow Wisdom and Love

Do we fall in love with a person or do we fall in love with the idea of a person? We can never ever really get inside someone else's head, experience the world as they do and through their eyes, so we are surely only ever as much in love with who we think that…