Organisations: Reproducing (through) Sociopaths ?

Do organisations breed misanthropy and functional inefficiency or do they actually breed *through* these narrow-band entropies ?

Do organisational bureaucracies breed sociopaths; or, do organisational bureaucracies breed through sociopaths ? A lack of conscience and a burning ambition to trample anyone in their way provides the perfect vector through which the self-propagating inefficiencies of organisational systems might manifest their own, unconscious and agent-less survival strategies.

While it is true that not every organisation is (at least – overtly) sinister or purely self-serving but what does it say that unrepentantly sociopathic bastards are particularly well-suited to such systems ? This may just be reflect an acquired or innate survival skill and capacity for exploitation of opportunity as evident in some individuals, but it certainly feels to me that there is more than simple correlation here.

We all know at least one such utter, utter misanthrope…

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