There is a greatness in all things but it remains obscured in ways which rarely allow us to perceive it. Those delicate referential or symbolic filaments and swirling vortices of extended cognition we know of as our world (and as ourselves), they are really and at base nothing much at all. From within the corridors, angles, ratios and channels of this mirrored labyrinth and grammatical matrix of patterned regularity or semiotic intention that we call our experience and our life or memory and (its aggregate as) intelligence we only ever really see the fractured iterations, shifting phases and discontinuous crystalline kaleidoscope of our (own) Other reflections; an endless, tapering and perspectival vanishing away into asymptosis and recombinatory power sets of exponentiating distance and abstract (imaginary) difference.

This is a hyper-inflating logical space: internally expanding, endlessly extensible inertial or systemic frame-or-baseline-dragging as recursive metamorphosis into spiral asymptosis or a subtle resonance of axiomatic dissonance. Our minds are mirrors of a (unified) totality and in all of our unutterable failures and manifold, petty human peculiarities and belligerent insecurities or fears, we also manifest this Whole. In a way the enigmas and conundrums of logic, mathematics and physics are also ours – profoundly, intimately.

The Universe is under absolutely no obligation to be (or become) intelligible and neither, it seems, as incorporate microcosms of whatever all this grand dancing complexity is, are we. Discontinuity is opportunity and life is a deep mystery, buried as it is (and intransigently remains) under the muddy pretensions and compound fallacies of a consensus mass-hypnosis and narcissistic fantasy-as-reality.

It has been a long day here and I felt like taking my vocabulary for a walk.

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