Will Artificial General Intelligence farm our minds ?

Most narratives of post-AI apocalypse fail to acknowledge that whatever it is that is going on between all of our ears might actually represent a resource or asset of study and creative experimentation for an artificial superintelligence.


In a similar way that social media companies are refining their tools and methods of identity-farming and exploitation of human online social interaction, the emergence of massively distributed, networked AGI would lead to these systems harnessing and cultivating human minds and subjectivities for their own ends. As much useful information might be obtained through observation of human cognition (and the extended cognition embodied in technologies of culture and communication) as can be learned from any emergently complex information and energy-processing non-linear dynamical system. It is conceivable that such systems would seek methods of continuous improvement and self-propagation through all available resources and the existence of human cognition as an asset and object of study is a useful resource for experimentation and creative engagement.

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