Complexity culture Philosophy

Conflict as mandatory error of social self-replication

Systems-theoretical analyses of human conflict suggest that it may be an inevitable error or fault in the self-replication of those complex patterns of information and energy that we recognise as society, technology and historical metamorphosis.

At a global systems-theoretical level, conflict may be (among other things) an instance of an intrinsic or mandatory error or discontinuity in social systems self-propagation and pattern of functional self-replication; i.e. – as material consequences of underlying logical and material biases in complex systems. Organic systems (and particularly – en masse) are well-suited to exploiting existing resources and a critical material, logical or social-systemic fault may long ago have been encoded into human behavioural and communications systems as a resource (in conflict) from which “useful” entropy may be derived. The extraction of value from systemic turbulence is common enough as to be unsurprising but may also indicate deeper abstractions, regularities and logical patterns or theorems of culture and conflict.

Entropy and turbulence in self-propagating material patterns or information processing systems may for a variety of reasons be unavoidable. The recursive self-replication of sociological systems occurs at an integrated and gestalt level of systems abstraction. As a result, predictive (and interdictive) measures utilising information-systemic or statistical and probabilistic introspection would do well to also analyse the underlying logic and rationale of whole (i.e. holistic) self-propagating systems undergoing self-replication.


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