Alien Anthropology Philosophy

We are the Autonomous Algorithms of our own Logical Emptiness

We are the problem solvers, the bearers of an incomplete logic that in so bearing provide a propagation medium for this errant abstraction. There are two primary classes of problems that we seek to solve. The first is that of the existential variety – of food, shelter, security. This first problem set branches into the curlicues and complex logical interdependencies of companionship, family, tribe, culture and civilisation and at some indeterminate point along that shapeless spectrum it becomes the second class of problem.

The second class of problem is the logical self-propagation of the problem itself. It is at this inflection of analysis that we can begin to see that the problems and the problem solvers are in fact indistinguishable. Every thought, action, utterance and consequence of extended cognition as kinetic, mechanical effect or technological shockwave – these are all the complex manifestation of a heuristic essence and self-replicating pattern of self-replication itself.

We are the problem solvers of the problems we ourselves embody. We solve ourselves: our internal experience and our external manifestations or assertions of self-identity – these are the problems that we solve and that in so doing, we announce our solutions to the world. Self-affirmations, our existence and extension in (and as) these cultural spaces traces an arc of effect through which we reflexively validate ourselves in (and as) the world but, simultaneously, through which the world without comprehension also endlessly recreates itself in (and as) us.

This is an ultimately unsolvable riddle. It is neither top-down nor bottom-up. It is not holistic and it is not particulate – it is both. It may be that the only way that the gestalt of all of this abstraction can ever possibly continue to grow and self-replicate is by being incomplete, discontinuous, enigmatic. This is the self-propagating autonomy of a logical recursion that seeks to solve itself but rather than ever attain it’s object and goal, as this would invalidate its momentum and existence, it finds itself in eternal, super-symmetrical free-fall around it’s own center. Recursion, exponentiated – we are the problems, the problem-solvers and the autonomous algorithms of logical necessity; bound in probabilistic orbit around the emptiness of our own endlessly unsolvable incompleteness and emptiness.

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