The Fall

What we most often fail to acknowledge is that this focal node and yawning abyss of pluripotent significance and semiotic elasticity that we experience as “Self” is in fact the doubly-inflected presence of an absence, the exponentiated self-replication of an entirely abstract self-representational void. Other than that we could hardly grow or evolve and become more than we are if there were even any vague possibility of factual epistemological closure, we also generally misunderstand the nature of the Self here being replicated, copied, celebrated and cultivated. We are each an embodied manifestation of a cultural self, an adaptive entity undergoing endless metamorphosis and with which we share some mischievously groundless reflexivity, open recursion and mutual causation. We are both Icarus and Daedalus and we are inadvertently bound, I would not quite say “fated”, to create the method of our own tragic descent and return once more into the darkness, the infinite vacuum from whence we came.

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