Who Made Who?

It is an interesting thought that while we all appear to possess some degree of free will and self-determination, and beyond the intractable differences of a diversity of philosopical (and, let's face it - political) thought on the matter, much of our mental lives are shaped and patterned by the contexts that we find ourselves…


The logical necessity of recursively enigmatic self-propagation remains mysterious and somehow also essential for life and sentience.

Unattainable You

You can not be whole for the same reason you can not control the world - there is at base no controller, knower or self and this is the greatest unacknowledged enigma of our world.

A Boundless Cosmos

For a Universe to have spontaneously emerged from nothing may be an alternate view on the the same fact as that it has always existed. It is not the logic which fails so much as the implicit (or apparent) boundaries of our own minds.