On Nipples and other Taboos

The form and flow of culture forms in no small measure the persistent expression of an introspective neurosis. The abstractions of convention, of time and place are small and hollow. A thousand years from now, everything we now hold to be self-evident will be unveiled as rank absurdity but taboo will, like the ball being pushed into water, merely have emerged elsewhere in different form. The true study here is of taboo, not of nipples and all cultures possess taboos.

You might suggest that the existence of taboo provides that sociopsychological center and blindspot around which fascination is bound in eternal orbit. The extent to which a thing is banned is a direct measure of the fascination and desire associated with that thing. Post-pandemic, we will probably observe the effervescent arrival and disappearance of behavioural taboos around social distancing becoming encoded (arguably – encrypted) into popular and media communications culture.

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