Infinitely Random Encryption Seeds

It’s a long way to the top…

Context: The Puzzling Search for Perfect Randomness

I can never resist a good speculative and completely “out there” waffle.  Randomness is non-trivially significant in cryptography. The closer the approximation of a numerical sequence or the properties of an abstract geometrical object to randomness, the more difficult the encryption seed derived from it is to crack. Pseudo-randomness has levelled-up several times by introducing sophisticated mathematical functions and geometric patterns from which to derive seeds. What, though of seeds from complex geometric objects or dimensional spaces with limits at infinity?

As with Cantor’s Diagonalisation method, it is not about the prospective distance to a value at infinity so much as the ways in which one counts towards infinity that allows for the (infinitely-extensible) wiggle room on that journey. An indefinitely hyper-inflating combinatorial possibility-space allows for at least one way that I can think of to do this.  Recursion, exponentiated.

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