Unanswerable Questions: Science, God, Infinity

Michelangelo, Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, 1510, Vatican.  Michelangelo's Divinity reaches back from an artfully-obfuscated human cranium and brain to create Adam. It is indeed at the level of (such) Universals - in which questioners become objects of their own self-introspection that we observe an endless referential circularity and recursion without end.Foundational work in logic…


The logical necessity of recursively enigmatic self-propagation remains mysterious and somehow also essential for life and sentience.

A Boundless Cosmos

For a Universe to have spontaneously emerged from nothing may be an alternate view on the the same fact as that it has always existed. It is not the logic which fails so much as the implicit (or apparent) boundaries of our own minds.

You have Free Will

Yes.  We are fundamentally free and in at least two different ways. At the social and cultural (or psychological) level - we do not determine the choices from which we choose but are free to choose from within the available spectrum of all possible available decisions. We are also free to recombine existing choices, ideas,…