Blind to Probability

Context: Why We’re Blind to Probability

Probability seems to live in that space of “just can’t quite wrap my head around” that holistic analysis and paradox also live – in regards to natural cognitive function and any prospective innate ability to understand or intuit meaning. Ironically – even the language(s) and logical syntax with which we are able to hyper-extend the cognitive power(s), processing and rationality of our minds creates results, solutions and explanatory models for which we must suspend our intrinsic and evolutionarily-acquired disbelief to operationalise.

Brute-forcing a contingent convenience of transient syntactical or grammatical comprehension through pouring a bucket-load of σ-algebra (sigma algebra) and probability theory through the various portals of our senses does not change the fact that we are not, by nature, well-equipped to understand these things.

What, I wonder, else might we be missing here; of similarly critical significance but entirely opaque to us…

Quantum mechanics is all about probability,
perhaps that is why it is so counter-intuitive?

Some more (entertaining) context on why we humans are not natively aligned to advanced mathematical thinking: Bad Math, Pepsi Points, and the Greatest Plane Non-Crash Ever

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