Taxonomies, Marmalade and Technology

Taxonomies, the branching logic of binary algorithms and decision-trees that - as though by the stealth of cultural (and commercial) entrainment and that generally unwitting human self-obsession which rarely notices that the rising tide and hyper-inflating menu of choice has become anything but an augmentation of freedom - have flooded us with logical paths and…

Decoding Instagram

The ancient emergence of information-encoding mechanisms that seek both optimal self-replication and resilience against catastrophic loss of components and sub-systems - in contemporary manifestation.

The Creativity of Cultural Erasure

Every act of creativity and recombinatory cultural reconfiguration is both additive and subtractive - it is an addition of complexity and structure and is simultaneously the systemic logical negation of existing methods and strategies of organisation and thought.

Catastrophy Beyond Imagination

Some dawning realities are so vast that we do not even have words, let alone cognitive methods, to characterise or represent them. Climate Change is one of these realities.