I have no time for politics…

Politics is really nothing more than ethics writ large. Any sense in which political science, ideology or (the all-too-often psychologically dissociative dark arts of) ethical rhetoric are axiomatic or mechanistic systems is a misdirection to what they might actually be or become. We find ourselves, more than a Century after relativistic geometry demonstrated that not only were there other projective systems in geometry but of thought and topological conceptual framework also, still heaving around the proto-modern battering rams of unwitting belligerence, political stupidity and adversarialist futility. It is long past time this Human Project grew the hell up and started to look into a brighter future, rather than pessimistically and selfishly recycling the compound failures and narrative of shared histories.

I have no time for politics, it is from another Universe altogether. Ethics, however, possess an implicit role as the grammatical framework of all our (permissible) behaviours, distilled as those microcosm of self-control (or it’s absence) that we might recognise as morals. In this sense ethics need not be political but could (or should) perhaps guide a person or people upon an incomplete path to a good, if not necessarily also political, life.

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