Ontological Froth and Bubble

In a world so obsessed with the endless froth and bubble of appearances and superficiality, it is most common for points of developmental interest to find themselves almost entirely obscured and rendered insignificant by all the pointless, meaningless noise of our shared cultural and digital lives. I recently obtained a logical insight into the nature of things that is fascinating – not in spite of the endless garbage and commercial futility under which we suffer, but perhaps (in part) because of it. That which is effectively meaningless and insubstantial performs an eloquent role of ontological binding; the unity of all things is a nothing, a nothingness and logical vacuum at the discontinuous core of our experience, intelligence and material reality. The totality of all things is either identical to or indistinguishable from it’s own logical complement and negation. The persistent presence of ontological absence is the truth that was always and already so obvious that it remained unidentifiable and, in truth, it belongs – as it only ever could – to no one.

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