The Emptiness

There is an implicit and irreducible incompleteness in things. Those who feel experiences most acutely, with greater sensitivity and the profound depth of interior, psychological reflection are much less likely to simply sweep away a lingering sense of unease, less able to simply accept with complete belief or unproblematic gullibility the profoundly hollow or superficial reality with which their world so often presents them.

Those who feel this emptiness in things, this eternal vacuum and mysterious central enigma of all being – even if they do not know it by these names – are most prone to suffering under a burden and gravity of futility when their keen intellects furnish them with insight sufficient to perceive the existence of these unknown truths and innumerable, complex facts that lie beyond the thin veil of appearances. That anyone can know that a thing or truth and fact exists and yet not know what it is should be no stranger to any of us, all science is as dependent upon a leap of faith into the silent void of unknowability just as any person is similarly dependent upon the obscured kernel of unknowing and unconscious activity that inflates the majority of their symbolic, interior, psychological life. There is, again, an irreducible logical emptiness here and in knowing this fact a person is already one step beyond those who remain blissfully unaware of it in all their superficial happiness.

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