The Machines, the Mirrors and the Emptiness of Self

The image in the mirror of psychological self-reflexivity is the machine, the rational, the explicable and the logic which has through so many, many iterations become what we now recognise as information and communications technology. An aspirational aptitude towards anticipatory self-explanation is always, perhaps, only ever going to appear or manifest as the percolated surface…

Enigma: When Strength is also Weakness

It is so often the case that the strength and the weakness of a technological or organisational system exist in (and as) that same structural and logical artefacts. The indefinite (recursive) extensibility of all material and logical systems is the foundation of, and cause for, this enigmatic duality.

The image in the mirror is the machine…

Observe how the image in the mirror of all of our aspirational self-definitions is the machine, logic, the structured and ordered grammar of a game, a recurring pattern and design or, most overtly in our globally interdependent information and communications networks: an algorithmic sequence. The fantasy of truth, of certainty (beyond that which can be…

The Creativity of Cultural Erasure

Every act of creativity and recombinatory cultural reconfiguration is both additive and subtractive - it is an addition of complexity and structure and is simultaneously the systemic logical negation of existing methods and strategies of organisation and thought.

An Autonomous Science ?

The unfolding patterns, exploratory revelations and emergent complexity of Artificial Intelligence may not ultimately reveal itself to be as useful to us as we (and all our aspirations) turn out to be to it.

There is no perfect social system

Just as there may never be any isolated closure and teleological endpoint to logic, physics and mathematics - there can also never be any such thing as the "one true way" or ideological and social perfection. There are only successive approximations and iterative algorithmic refinements towards a better world, without end.