Context: Your life is not what you think is

Reflection: If minds (or any other autonomously self-propagating information sub-set of “reality”) were entangled with the rest of the Universe, this might explain our experience of entropy – it is a property of probability and possibility that derives from logical self-containment, from the multiple ways in which the whole not only contains the parts but is actively and adaptively manifest through them.

Inversion: If the rest of the Universe was somehow entangled with (or is manifest as) our minds, this might imply that the “secret sauce” of sentience, consciousness derives from (and foundationally *is*) this recursive self-containment. We human beings are (all) altogether too obsessed with the instances of symmetries and underlying patterns to ever or in any enduring sense recognise the sense in which these abstractions possess their own realities, their own abstract or virtual presence.

Postulate: There is an underlying self-organisational principle of the procedural and optimally concise, autonomously self-propagating recursive encoding of recursion itself and this is an entity or system, quite Platonic in form, that exists – but the kind of existence it manifests is distributed across the entire surface of (and as) reality.

Thanks to Mike Stone for the article link.

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