An Unbalanced “I”

We all live in half-mirrored labyrinths through which we view this world as a kaleidoscopic, reflective collage of our own dreams, hopes and desires. It is a necessary function of individuality (or ego) to be structured this way – as though “from an inside looking out” – but the difference and differentiation between inner and outer is actually much more subtle than we commonly acknowledge.

To maintain an individuated self, we need to offset the entropy that these neurological structures and patterned abstractions of thought and conceptual vocabulary we cherish create within us, as us. If we can not successfully displace the logical and materially-inevitable entropy that all interior psychological structure incurs, we suffer cognitive and emotional dysfunction.

How is it that we do this successfully? Perhaps no one ever really does and the idea of a well-balanced ego as self-identity is pure mythology. Personally, I think self *is* the core existential problem of our lives.

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