Understanding Everything

The key reason that we are unable to completely and comprehensively understand the world we live in is because the core systems symmetry of analytical leverage necessitates that we, ourselves, are removed from the equation. Any whole systems analysis requires us to consider that there is no outside if the system under analysis. The consequences of this are as intricate as they are interesting but to cut a fairly long story short – we, ourselves, stand in dynamical and ontological relationship to the system of the world just as does a hole to the doughnut that it produces. It is because the totality of any system is indistinguishable to the negation of that system that we remain quite unable to acknowledge or recognise that in regards to our own place in the grander scheme of things – we fo not represent the presence of any entity anywhere near so much as we present an enduring absence – in and as the unity of a system that is only ever possible as the missing part of itself. Who exists that is willing to concede that xistential catharsis and intellectual insight is not a matter of presence but rather of logical absence?

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