Chemical Computation

Context: How chemical reactions compute

The endemic computation of information dynamics in (and as) chemical reactions suggests that matter, energy and material relationships or interdependencies are already an implicit form of computation as complex logical information-processing. The interesting thing, from a philosophical perspective, is just what it is that damps or limits and abstracts a limited sub-set of all possible computation.

General principles are about as popular as a kick in the shin to professionals engaged in the tenured specificities and institutional business of instance analysis and research but general principles do, regardless, still exist and in many and diverse useful ways. Notice that the functional non-ergodicity of algorithmic concision that leads us down the rabbit hole of emergence is a material presence but exists as a logical abstraction in or of entropy and combinatorial possibility.

The general principle is that the computational complexity both derives from and proceeds to replicate as autonomous self-propagation precisely those forms of information-processing that bias both their own continuity and the refinement of an 

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