Personal non-existence ain’t so bad…

Context: Epiphenomenalism: one of the most disturbing ideas in philosophy

Consider, also, the unpalatable likelihood that all of our attachments to self-identity and the various, vicarious and endlessly complicated confusion and chaos that difference and conceptual or ideological distance brings: it’s all the internal surface of an autonomously self-propagating information and energy-processing system that optimally transmits through precisely this transmission medium that embodied individual and collective or otherwise aspirationally tribal subjectivities provide.

It’s only as disturbing as the extent to which any person or affiliated belief system is unwilling to accept that there might actually be larger and more significant complexities of which they are constitutive and irreducible – if transient – microcosms. The whole is only ever what it is in and by virtue of the parts so a mature wisdom and rational approach to this is to suggest that “meaninglessness” is quite simply and easily bartered for a larger and more significant form of meaning.

Copernicus removed the Earth from center of that system, these (kinds of) philosophy remove subjective privilege or embodied-as-isolated and alienated intelligence from the center of a linguistic and cognitive matrix we inhabit but that equally inhabits us.


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