It’s curious that the cognitive systems and languages through which we aspire to illustrate these existential intricacies of mortality are themselves so viscerally and intimately dependent upon teleological endpoints as anchors of meaning that when they attempt to embrace the meaningless vacuum and grand tautology at their core, they always fail. Is this failure of linguistic (as logical) self-containment itself an iconic and ironic measure of the incompleteness, uncertainty and undecidability upon which all systems of truth or belief are built? These little deaths of logic are everywhere around us and sitting, as they do, in that cognitive blindspot of epistemological as much as cultural or psychological self-reference by and through which we inversely self-validate and build all of our labyrinthine words and complex worlds, both we and the languages we think with are quite poorly-equipped to substantively understand them. Death is implicit, yes, but why is it that only life can know it?

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