Infinite Highway

Ascending the asymptote of taxonomical complexity is a process that in many ways reflexively defines what science both is and does but there is a core problem and ontological vacuum that lies here, unacknowledged and largely unexplored. This is that the sum total entropy and complexity of information and energy encoding and processing systems in diverse domains ranging from logic through physics and on into the speculative navel-gazing of contemporary Cosmological aspirations to theoretical and teleological closure is grounded upon a necessary kernel of discontinuity and indeterminacy that ensures that we can not, like – ever, finish and complete this process and experience of discovery. This core and enigmatic non-linearity at the metaphorically self-gravitational heart of information and energy is logically indistinguishable from both nothingness and the endlessly-extensible modularity of a recursively introspective infinity that represents the sum total entropy and information of any holistic artefact, entity or system. Solving this unique problem in one place solves it everywhere and while self-inflected discovery will never end, a sufficiently sophisticated Global systems models within which to do so will save us all a lot of time and effort. Planetary environmental systems being only the most prominent and perhaps recent existential concern among this class of holistically self-contained enigmas, it really is time to “level-up” our conceptual vocabulary.

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