Forgiveness as a function of compassion defies normative or common-as-colloquial assumptions of transactional interpersonal value and utility to become more valuable both when it is rare and when it is plentiful. Compassion externalised is indistinguishable and effectively identical to its introspective inversion and that is the key and enduring insight here. It’s a difficult concept to rationalise or unambiguously define but forgiveness extended outwards is simultaneously forgiveness self-inflected and turned inwards; forgiving others is always and already an act of sincere kindness to ourselves and it is – as a general observation of human behaviour – only because we fail to sincerely love ourselves that we do not understand or know how to authentically show compassion to others. Psychological insights are often most profound where they are difficult to render in language or otherwise cognitively process but this ambiguity and implicit incompleteness represents an enduring value that sits forever outside the acquired or learned and effectively transactional intra- or inter-personal and convergent tribal grammars as social or cultural economies of symbol, token and belief that we find ourselves inhabiting.

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