As though fields of flowers…

As though fields of flowers, our experiences are living (and decaying) things and it is indeed in a transience native to all material and psychological things that we come to understand their true value and beauty. The most difficult part of this experience and light of living, of being, is to know that it is forever immersed in and encapsulated by an ocean of non-being and shadow. Again, we value our experiences in inverse proportion to their persistence and continuity and albeit a little unpalatable that all beginnings imply an ending, it is the uncommon character and temporary nature of all knowledge, all life and all beauty that renders it so valuable and precious.

How we respond to these facts and the ways we come to understand them as a matter of learning, enculturation or experience defines the arc and trajectory of the life we live. We can never possess full control over our context or all the experiences we have or even many if not most of our reflexive emotional reactions to them but we can choose to nurture and positively create the ways we come to understand this. This is our true freedom – to think and make and celebrate this living life because it is very likely the only one we shall ever know.

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