Other forms of life in the Universe…

Context: A Strange Form of Life Could Flourish Deep Inside of Stars, Physicists Say Fascinating article above, discussing the logical (i.e. hypothetical) presence of life and intelligence inside stars. We are of course blinded by our own intimate familiarity with a form of life that we ourselves take for granted as normative or necessary and […]


Flying Kites

Returning to a particularly poorly-kept secret of our shared lives: no one actually knows what they are doing and everyone is improvising, making it up as they go along. We are born into a world of pre-existing stories, traditions and symbols which envelops us like a tidal wave and security blanket of meaning, identity and […]


Between Life and Death

Life is commonly considered as antithetical to death but in some ways, there may be a common ground and source between them.



We suffocate ourselves in the symbols and signs, stories and concepts that we think represent life but in so doing we actually distract ourselves from the simplest fact of just living…