Intelligence is Endemic to Biology

Context: Single-celled organism can ‘change its mind’ despite lacking a nervous system

This is an example of entropy as degrees of freedom; intelligence as manifest choice. Not quite a solid vote for panpsychism but certainly heading in the direction of autonomously self-propagating biological computation being universal within observed biotic artefacts, entities and systems on Earth. The instances are fascinating, but what is the underlying principle? Back (once again) to an instance as the ontological vacuum of indefinitely extensible information systems, I suspect.

My conjecture – the mathematics used to describe and provide insight into this system is a “lite” (sic.) or algorithmically compressed form of the mathematics that the system constitutively in some sense just “is”. Choice as rudimentary problem-solving in intelligence is a form of combinatorial dimensionality reduction. The bootstrap into higher-dimensional sophistication is an endemic property and orientation within complex systems. The literally living logic of life?

In my case: philosophers be philosophising, itself a choice of functional non-ergodicity in a complex information context. The extent to which the context (and environment) is implicitly, intimately and interdependently entangled with the organism as node is a point of leverage and insight; that is the functional inversion as ontological vacuum here.

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