Why do Ideologies Emerge?

Why ideology? Partisan individuation is (an) optimal method by which sociocultural (and technological) systems autonomously self-propagate, through and as us. A threshold level of entropy is constructively reintroduced back into the system as noise that invokes adaptive resilience in and as the distributed information pattern encoding across the entire “surface” of an integrated system of which both individuals and their aspirationally unique viewpoints are each and all microcosms.

It is precisely these forms of alienated ideological as proxy tribal dissonance and (predominantly) fictive, narrative difference that provide the optimal transmission medium for the information and energy-processing (i.e. complex, computational) artefacts, entities and systems that both people and systems embody.

The Cheshire cat smile as resonant mischief and irony in the way this all works is that it is precisely the illusion of separate, unique or ascendant and privileged viewpoints (and egos) that recursively reproduces the distributed, adaptive field of stochastically variable and self-propagating soliton-like information symmetries in which such nodes can even become intelligible.

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