Jeff Bezos’ Environmental Philanthropy

Context: COP26: Bezos pledges $2bn for restoring nature

Yes, thanks Jeff, but it is likely going to cost several orders of magnitude more than that to even begin to effect substantive systemic change. It is something of an unresolvable existential irony that it is precisely the system(s) of value and wealth that we so viscerally depend upon and that has led us all, unwitting, into this bottleneck for planetary civilisation that shapes ascendant strategies in this context. As a function of complex systems feedback loops, can we throw more money at a problem without simply making it bigger if the systems of value and commerce that symbolic and transactional value as money invokes constitutively are the central problem?

Regardless of the astonishing complexity of the task ahead, I dare say that whatever kind of humanity emerges from the other side of the Great Filter that the climate crisis represents will be quite different from that which goes into it. The question becomes: do we get onto the front foot and choose to change or do we wait to be forcibly changed, as we inevitably will be and in many uncomfortable ways? I doubt whether there can be any more momentous expressions of self-determination than this. Each and every delay narrows the range of choice still available to us. This is a fact.

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