The Universe is Alive and Creative

The Amazon River, seen from space.

Notice from the arc and trajectory of flow that it is adaptive, dynamic and as a complex, open system in constant flux quite uncannily similar to a living entity. This is one among many instances of dynamical systems that indicate in their reflexive growth and endless iterative creativity that what might appear to be an exception in the embodied living form of bounded, material living entities is only ever a sub-set of the much broader and more diverse orientation in nature towards autonomously-self-propagating adaptive systems. Life and sentience – eventually intelligence – along with it is no stranger to this natural flow but represents a unique embodiment with which we are intimately familiar.

Being an era of complexity and information, we find ourselves asking precisely the kinds of questions that seek to resolve these differences. What is the underlying principle or “basin of attraction” towards which complex systems quite naturally self-gravitate? What is the binding symmetry or logical relationship that generates both inorganic and organic complexity? The conspicuous absence of a lasting or unambiguously final closure of rationality and logic in this context gestures, inversely, towards such a unifying principle might be.

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