Philosophy systems

Strategic Innovation and Unknowing Truth

There was a mystical thread of thought in medieval philosophy called “apophasis”. This is an “un-saying” and reductive process of abstraction and recursively self-inflected introspection that may arrive at a goal of finding whatever is left after everything else is removed – God, enlightenment, essence, reality, certainty, truth; take your pick. Of course, we find similar eliminative processes at the heart of many divergent methods of analysis, from Cartesian doubt to the mischievously ineffable psychological practices of Zen Buddhism.

While we tend to quite naturally, and as a consequence of our simplest and normative everyday material relationships with the artefacts, entities and systems of our experience, to consider the composition of strategy and logical purpose or direction as aggregations, amplifications of quantity – they are actually quite the opposite.

Strategic innovation is the application of intelligence to the process of recursively reproducing the optimal patterns and symmetries of recursive reproduction, exponentiated. Logical multiplication is abstract and appears for all intents and purposes as negation. There is a subtlety to it but there is no single endpoint.

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