Misinformation: Partisan Enigmas

We have inadvertently painted ourselves into an unexpected corner here. I admire any and all attempts to ameliorate the parlous situation that contemporary media and communication networks find themselves in but there is something of an irreducible enigma of dissonant complexity that we are as yet unable to unambiguously identify, let alone resolve by seeding change.

The “basin of attraction” in these dynamical communication systems precisely is the indefinitely extensible articulation as argument and soliton-like self-propagation of this difference that self-defines them.

That is, the difference and distance of disagreement, argument, conflict has become (or perhaps always was) the existential function around which the boundaries and borders of mutually exclusive as antithetical subjective identities, systems of belief and tribal selves have percolated out of the chaos and complexity of history. The endemic teleologies of difference are that kernel fact around which we have built language, technology and civilisation and I doubt very much we will escape this polymorphous, notionally self-gravitational information entity and behavioural vocabulary without dramatically rethinking and reapplying the ways in which we seek to orchestrate these, our shared selves.

Ain’t, as they say, nobody got time for that.

Context: Improve the News

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