Defeating Death

Context: Jeff Bezos Startup Hires Top Scientist to Defeat Death

As a matter of philosophical (as much as thermodynamic or logical) necessity, the only plausible way to defeat death is to prove that you were never alive in the first place. If the detached soliton-like umbilical of life is not a rare phenomenon and rather than unlikely salience in the cosmological information and energy-processing landscape represents only a singular component microcosm of autonomously self-propagating dynamical complexities, then either everything is alive or nothing is. Much, of course, might be (and has been) said of consciousness – if not life – being everywhere and at least one Deep Learning luminary has asserted the non-existence of the consciousness as propulsive force with which his intellect invokes such lofty claims.

More pragmatically, I dare say that the goal of death-defying entrepreneurship in this context is geared towards the indefinite continuity of one particular individual and that their awareness of the gravity of the truism that “you can’t take your wealth with you” is a measure of the desperation with which they seek to rewrite biological facts. Much better to give most of their money to an environmental charity or the like and live on in the good vibes and memories of future generations.

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