Language fails us…

Language optimally self-propagates as a function of the instruction set encoding failures by and through which ambiguity, doubt, uncertainty and innumerable other apertures of opportunity to explore the phase space of all possibility persist. This is also how genetic information reproduces both through and as us. Notice here that the closure and certainty we so often assert to and of ourselves and reality is a fiction of language that most effectively reproduces itself by just such an enshrined inaccuracy and effecting indeterminacy. In this way we might perceive that language, history and all of us swept along with it, are only ever guaranteed as much certainty, security, closure and satisfaction as is able to reproduce the conditions and communication systems that so mischievously and unreliably sustain us.

The world, our human world and perhaps much more besides, only persists because it is quite utterly inadequate and unfit for purpose to do so. This is an irreducible enigma that, if nothing else, will at the very least invoke many more partial descriptions and incomplete hypotheses. This circle is only closed by remaining open and if you haven’t spotted it yet: the only reason you, I or anyone persists in this world is because we are born broken and breaking, quite poorly suited to continuing to do so. That is the mystery and the language that most eminently fails to describe it maximally self-propagates as a function of this failure.

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