Bad Vibes

Bad vibes are sticky, contagious in precisely the way good vibes are but they have a tendency to persist (as memory) much longer than the experiences that invoke them. There is no doubt that evolution has predisposed us to bias negativity over positivity as a function of survival in what was once a much more dangerous world than this one tends to be for most of us. I wonder why our technological intelligence has to this point only ever failed at providing neurochemical modulation sufficient to non-destructive mood uplift. Meditation and assorted cognitive interdiction notwithstanding, could it be that unhappiness and anxiety persist as they do precisely because they perform unacknowledged functions in the active self-propagation of our world? Is unhappiness much like that conflict-induced suffering that replicates itself precisely because the dissonant emotional turbulence it invokes provides a fertile transmission medium for the stochastic entropy that sustains all life, all humanity and all lived experience? Is unhappiness irreducible and, following the Buddhist axiom, is life necessarily and intractably at base a matter of suffering?

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