Why do we persecute brilliant minds?

A fine example of the many ways that uniquely high intelligence is antithetical to the worlds we inhabit. Those forms of intellect and problem-solving that percolate to ascendance are generally those that directly (or indirectly) replicate the axioms, assumptions and self-validating value (as belief) systems that already exist. In this way, the world reproduces the kinds of problem solving that maximally reproduce the kinds of problems that validate the cultural and sociotechnical complexity of that world.

We alienate the extremities of intelligence because they are effectively unrecognisable to the median values of communication and cognition through which the world optimally reproduces itself. This is why genius is so often assumed to lie quite close to insanity on the spectrum of behavioural activity – not only are they ahead of us all, but we can not even recognise by how far they lead as it remains constitutively unintelligible to the lowest common denominator or conformity that we all tend to inhabit. For this reason, we will likely never solve the greatest challenges we face – we institutionally and socially crucify the messengers of our own intellectual hope. Sidis chose isolation perhaps because the stochastic white noise of everyday discourse was pure torture for him.

The ways Google tries to filter long comments (by making editing difficult) on YouTube mischievously resonates with the drift towards a median value of maximally productive but minimally reflective intellects. Just saying…

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