Fear of missing out is much deeper and more challenging than the superficiality with which it is commonly portrayed. At some level we are all aware that we have very little effect on this world, that despite our starring role in the narrative theatre of our own life - we have almost no influence or…

Own your own emptiness

We are all empty, don't let the shambling leviathan of commercial culture make you feel less than you are, feel worthless or unvalued and unloved.

The Emptiness

There may be something tragically inevitable in the procedural hollowing-out of social lives in an era of accelerating and technologically-mediated hyper-connectivity.

Smart Cities ?

Cities which possess, or indeed - cultivate, an intrinsic and emergent self-organisational homeostasis are not as psychologically alluring to the common-or-garden-variety metropolitan administrator as is the fantasy and mythology of control implicit to digital technology...