The Purpose of Neurodiversity

Context: Research on Recognizing Facial Emotion Expressions Could Change Our Understanding of Autism

Interesting. The subtle irony here is that the historical (and plausibly paradigmatic) misunderstanding of human aptitude under one target variable reveals more about the science and the underlying cultural assumptions than it does about the experimental subjects. I love a good inversion because, just as the way that when things break you can discover the previously unrecognised presence of a system, the generative discontinuity of constructive entropy indicates the recursive sweetspot of system self-propagation.

Neurodiversity is really quite fascinating. The persistence of difference and outliers in any genetic or behavioural (and phenomenologically creative) population has often enough and as a matter of parochial myopia been rendered as an error or flaw of some sort but I think this is a catastrophic misrepresentation.

The persistence of statistical outliers in a population is among other things the necessary consequence of a (computational) genetic encoding mechanism that maximally self-propagates as a function of random-mutation invoked metamorphosis but it is much more than this.

Social systems optimally self-propagate as a function of the presence of novelty and entropy that neurodiversity is a functional microcosm of.

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