Alien Anthropology

Storm clouds over Taipei, the psychology of Xi

Much stranger than that such belligerent fury and reckless risk-taking exists is that it persists and returns (with uncanny frequency) in cyclic political episodes and internecine escapades to haunt humanity in the ways it quite clearly does.

There is a recurring theme of totalitarian ideological dependency upon the trope and narrative fabrication of having suffered some great historical injustice that must be aggressively undone but this kind of essentially psychological fallacy could only ever percolate to any kind of popular ascendance if it in some way mirrored core human insecurities in an experience of the world.

Granted, it is difficult to feel compassion towards any autocrat baring their teeth and missiles at the world in this way but I can’t help but wonder if this is all not in fact just some tragic pathological (as reflexive) obsession for control that was never successfully negotiated much earlier in life and that captures the allegiance of so many others because it offers an atavistic safehaven of return to an earlier state of human experience that, being shared, provides solace against a turbulent and often difficult world by returning to a simpler, binary and partisan story of object relations, of Self and Other.

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