All of our questions are really only so many hollow, transient games with words. Their meanings are inferred self-refentially from within the matrix ofvwords and phrases, quite arbitrary without much of a concrete connection to anything beyond the simplest of material facts and the most rudimentary of truths that we can fabricate in logic or language. Of all the stories we tell, which ones will outlast us? Will any of these stories have no endings, not because there is no one left to tell them but because our lives in some way might never end? What does that even mean?

The life we live is very much the sum of all beginnings and endings.  Should we expect this all to balance out and approximate to some median value between something and nothing? If all energy (and experience) is eventually in some way returned to the Universe, all beginnings and all endings being equal in measure and approximating to a null and meaningless value, isn’t this really just another kind of ending? If there is cosmic balance, nothing wins.

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