Context: Any Single Galaxy Reveals the Composition of an Entire Universe

Such induction to general principles from instances is itself, also, a broader lesson regarding complexity. If recognisable (i.e. “real world”) properties of cosmological matter and energy distribution can be inferred from a single galaxy, in what other systems does such a depth of logical extensibility hold?

In analysing the data usage of a mobile phone by one person, can we infer the form and flow of an entire integrated global telecommunications network?  Do the dynamical properties of a transient fluid vortex in a river tell us anything of the rainforest it passes through?

We might also question the ways in which necessary assumptions and abbreviated ontologies of analysis tend to invoke as amplified signals precisely the distributed networks of which such instances (as galaxies, mobile phones, fluid-dynamical vortices) are functional microcosms. The signals being amplified here are not isolated to cosmology.

What is actually being replicated here? Does any instance in mathematics, physics or (other, ordered) language as a defined artefact, entity or system necessarily and inversely generate precisely the kind(s) of worlds in which it must exist? This is a larger philosophical question regarding simplified system macrostates.

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