Healing Circles

The circle is and has always been a strong symbol of community, of culture, and of equality.

When a person engages in the experience and living tapestry of shared value and responsibility that this geometry represents, the literal (or symbolic) circle of communication represents an optimal solution for equitable outcomes and adaptive growth.

The Great Mystery is the conspicuous absence at the center of the circle, the binding unity that – being all things – must simultaneously be nothing, must paradoxically contain its own negation. In the Tao Te Ching (“The Way of Life”), Lao Tze wrote of the Void: that which in being absent binds that which is present, through this bringing meaning to that which we do know, speak or understand.

It is not a coincidence that different traditions and philosophical insights resonate in the ways they do. The histories and experiences of human beings across time and space quite naturally converge upon optimal solutions for which there are rarely words to account for the binding facts of reality.

A healer’s art is a wisdom quite agnostic of context, community or cultural time and place, even as it is anchored in them.

To fully heal a person or a community in one place indirectly heals all others.

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