Zentropy 0

The constructive entropy of Self is a recursively self-gravitating nexus and node or focal point of patterned complexity. This Self is not your possession so - there is no justification for an individualist or ego-driven narrative. Self is not a possession of the world you inhabit -entailing that socialist agendas are similarly fallacious. The history…

Cultivating Innovation

Sociological, psychological and economic systems are poorly optimised to cultivate or acknowledge the forms of innovation and creative thinking that their existence in the world depends upon.

A Self-Extinguishing Flame

It is staggering (and blissfully unacknowledged) the extent to which this world of ours and all of its many anthropomorphic catastrophes are all quite simply occurring within and emanating from these brains between our ears.

On Autopilot

Having successfully equipped myself with precisely the wrong set of mental tools and concepts to survive in this particular hyper-commercial and aggressively competitive world...