There is no winning hand.  Existentially, we are all (and all end up) in the same place.  If you are confident to think that you have found a solution to our shared enigma, please don’t find yourself so insecure about it that you feel obligated to force it upon others.  Eschatological solutions are often poorly received by rational thinkers due to their reliance on the circular self-reference of definitively unverifiable texts.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and assertions of pure belief or epistemic validation harvested from cultural narratives can not be considered evidence by any admissable standard.


I remain unconvinced, yet hopeful (in some kind of semantic agnosticism) that there might be a self-contained worth in the meanings we weave and the stories we share while we are here on Earth.  In the longer-term, this world will eventually become ashes and dust so all that we really have is this brief time and the handful of experiences we share.  Perhaps the restrictive existential boundaries of our lives endow them with more value and in inverse proportion to their cosmological idiosyncracy and sparkling transience: it may be precisely the rarity and fragility of life which renders it with true depth of meaning.

Making the most of what you have.

The historical narrative of humanity has all the hallmarks of a spin-off TV horror series where the majority of the drama and tragedy is caused by the unremittingly terrible decisions of the characters portrayed.  Staggering endlessly from one inordinately regrettable error to another…

Entropy and decay abound, but some of us are still looking at the stars…

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