Doubling Down on Digital Property Rights

…attempts to lock systems down inadvertently create the loopholes and logics of their own failure…

It seems to me that an inability to acknowledge the need for radically altered business models in the digital age consistently creates problems and vulnerabilities. In this instance, failing to allow security researchers to inspect integrated browser software components is very likely to create vulnerability risks which will potentially cause more distrust and slower uptake of these revenue-generating vectors; this could in turn displace consumer trust in legitimate sources of entertainment back to a proliferation of illegal sources and technological solutions.

This is essentially a competitive evolutionary selection process in which every move has a counter and attempts to lock systems down inadvertently create the loopholes and logics of their own failure; the prohibition generates the very conditions and possibility-spaces which unwittingly select for successful techniques of sidestepping those very prohibitive measures. The future of online entertainment lies not in locked-down content but in creatively evolving business models and their associated technological solutions.

The only way to get out of a technological arms-race (which is what this conflict between legal and illegal content providers ultimately represents) is to stop running: think laterally and try something radically different. All that we see here in this attempted lockdown is an ongoing perseveration and deep failure to acknowledge that legal property and its various considerations of ownership possess fundamentally different ontologies in the digital age. The business models and economic assumptions of the past have self-evidently failed to adapt to the accelerating metamorphosis of information and communication technologies in our current era.

Context (New Scientist): Debate rages over controversial copyright standard for the web

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