The Necessity of Proliferating Vulnerabilities: a General Philosophy of Cyber Security

Compressed: It is something of an inevitability of both logic and of physics that the more components a material system has - including the diverse and recombinatory abstractions and logic of algorithmic, information and energy-processing (i.e. computational) systems - the more disordered states of entropy that are also possible, indeed - probable within and as…

Cyber Insecurity: Endless Breaches

Context: New Data Breach Has Exposed Millions Of Fingerprint And Facial Recognition Records: Report There is an enigma here, far beyond the rank foolishness of keeping vast quantities of such sensitive data in an unencrypted format (see the linked article), there is a deeper problem. The more valuable any data is, the more incentive there…

Human-like Thought in AI?

AI systems approximating human thought? It seems to me that we are quite a long way from comprehensively understanding what human thought actually is, let alone successfully simulating it.

The Limits of Automation

If automation is only limited by the boundaries of what we can describe, are we actually capable of describing those entities, processes, objects and systems of non-trivially sophisticated complexity with which we all must eventually and inevitably engage ?