Information, Influence and Dissonance: the Utility of Fakes and Errors in System Self-Propagation

Information systems, viewed from a gestalt/holistic perspective, possess many properties we might otherwise recognise as self-propagation, “emergence” or self-organisation. The presence of values attributed semantic (or logical) properties of truth or falsity at a level of cognition or language may be purely incidental. From a Global Systems perspective, information systems autonomously pursue the optimal means […]

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The Symbolic Vacuum of Nothing

In any sequence of symbols, experiences or other functional input to our various sensory apertures, the entity and events which bear the most unexpected or surprising data are those which can be said to carry the most substantive information content. In a world awash in a semiotic soup of aspirational novelty and atention-seeking advertisements, billboards, […]


An Invention of Imperfection ?

The shortest form of technological solution is generally that of negation. It is in the essential and axiomatic logic of both communication and technology more generally to seek advantage through reduction, negation, compression.

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Manufacturing Loneliness

Psychological deficits and emotional asymmetry may the price (or at least – the cost) of social, economic and cultural continuity.


Doubling Down on Digital Property Rights

…attempts to lock systems down inadvertently create the loopholes and logics of their own failure…



To live a life forever chasing the ineffable dragons of manufactured experience and superficial self-expression…

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What is the Function of Commercial Culture ?

  Digital television was progressively rolled out over a period of several years. I find it ironic that although I now have several dozen channels to choose from I still remain fairly exclusively interested in the content of about four or five non-commercial channels. I find myself for the most part irritated, distracted and annoyed […]